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our growing vegan range…

We've always been powered by plants: our love for the world's nuts, seeds, fruits and beans is why we started baking bars. Our passion for honey? Well, not everyone shares it, but we've discovered coconut blossom nectar does a pretty great job of sweetening natural grains and seeds, and that maple syrup is delicious when combined with pecans and peanuts.

Taste for yourself...

Simply vegan – peanuts, coconut & chocolate

A careful balance of natural hero ingredients – protein-rich peanuts and chickpeas and creamy seeds – with a few high-powered extras. Our Turkish apricots for chew, toasted coconut for fibre, coconut blossom nectar and a thick undercoating of dark chocolate.

Available in single bars and multipacks in Sainsburys.

Extra protein maple syrup, pecans & peanuts

Pecans, creamy seeds, protein-rich peanuts and crisped rice drizzled with maple syrup equals a protein hit (8.3g per bar) that’s crisp, crunchy and chewy. A pinch of sea salt finishes it off a treat.

Available in Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Boots.

Low sugar granola

The UK’s first plant-based granola drizzles Indonesian coconut blossom nectar over a fibre-rich medley: toasted coconut shavings, whole roasted almonds, wholegrain oats, crunchy buckwheat and creamy sunflower seeds. Just 2.2g of sugar per serving.

Available in Waitrose and Ocado.

Nutty granola

Crammed with big-hitting flavours: hunky peanuts, whole almonds and coconut slivers cluster up with golden spelt and corn flakes, crunchy seeds, toasted rye crumb and wholegrain oats. High fibre with no refined sugars.

Available in Waitrose and Ocado.