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Join our Eat Natural family

When we make a new bar or cereal we like to ask our whole team what they think. But what if we threw that question out to an extended family of Eat Naturalists…including you?!

There's you fancy the chance to join us at community events and sports activities, being the first to hear about places to walk, run and cycle with Team Eat Natural?

Here’s how it will work…
  • point Join our extended family and help us decide what we do and how we do it
  • point Get involved in activities and events near you
  • point Try new things we're working on before anyone else
  • point Be the first to hear about Team Eat Natural places at sport events

You'll need to:

Give us your feedback on new and existing products. Yum!

Share your Eat Natural experiences on social media

Get involved with Eat Natural activities, like taking part in research groups or sampling at events

  • point We get honest feedback from a whole bunch of different people
  • point We get to meet the people we’re making things for
  • point The stuff you love gets recommended to others
  • point We get to understand what works and doesn’t for you

We’re looking for:

Committed and proactive people who care about the impact they have on the world

People who appreciate nice gestures but understand we don’t have an endless supply of freebies

People who share our values of supporting growers, consuming consciously and eating naturally

Want to find out a bit more or ask a few questions? Let’s have a chat…

01787 479 123