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About us…

At Eat Natural we’ve always gone our own way. We like to play, experiment and debate our way to each decision, but one principle always comes first. Taste. Making (and eating) the best-tasting bars and cereals is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

So this is us…


We’re Preet and Praveen

We’ve been running Eat Natural together for more than 20 years. Our story starts way back in the 70s when we’d cycle between each others houses, playing dungeons and dragons together, going horse-riding in Clent Hills and generally being kids.

  • The good life

    By 1997 we were both sitting on a pile of failed business ideas, but a trip around Australia in a beaten-up van gave us a simple idea. What if we could take a slice of this healthy and happy lifestyle home with us?

  • A bar is born…

    We raided our kitchen cupboards for the most wholesome ingredients and mixed them into the simplest combinations we could bake. It tasted wonderful – our date and walnut bar was born.

Today it takes over 250 people to make our bars…

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Eating a snack bar should make you feel happy

Praveen – one of our founders

The beautiful view of the countryside from our Makery in Halstead, Essex.